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What Exactly is a Christian Classical Education

Education is important, since it plays a vital role in how your children see the world and get through life. It also helps shape their character. Something of this importance makes it difficult to decide how and where your children should receive their education. All schools, regardless if it is public, private, charter, home, non-sectarian, and religious, all have something to offer. Christian Classical Education is different from others because it tries to reinstate the most proven form of education ever established.

Some of the greatest and most famous leaders, thinkers, and scientists were products of Christian Classical Education. Some of those very leaders and thinkers were also the founding fathers of America. Leaders in every field persist to surface from the shattered heritage of classical education. Sadly, in its untainted form, classical education included a Christian world-view.

Why is Christian Classical Education so successful? Because it's based on the Trivium. Regardless of how fast the child is learning, they go through three distinct learning phases. Memorization is the focus through grades K-6. Forming arguments based on logical and critical thinking is the focus in grades 7 to 8.

Grades 9 through 12 hone in on teaching independent thinking and communication. These phases constitute the Trivium, effectively teaching children to communicate persuasively through speech and writing. Some of the subjects that are included in Christian Classical Education usually involve literature, history, language, art, math, and science. Some of the works that are read include Western literature and philosophy.

Classical languages, such as Latin and Greek are common elements in a classical curriculum. Some of the most well-known classical teaching methods include class lectures, debates, and Socratic teaching. We need Christian Classical Education now more than ever before.

The world is becoming fast-paced as it leaps and bounds from new technologies, pop culture, and geo-political forces. Our daily lives are constantly being redefined. The skills we need in order to get and keep a job are always changing.

No matter what the future holds, we will always need great thinkers and speakers. We need people who can acquire new skills swiftly and through their own devices, regardless of their field. Christian Classical Education is proven to produce exactly the kind of students we need in this ever-changing world.

Discover the power of a Classical Christian Education and join the Raise a Leader Revolution. You can finally afford to take control of your child's future and launch your child into greatness. Join us in saving our nation one true leader at a time.


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