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How To Use A Classical Christian Education In Your Home

Most school systems in the early colonial days of America were schools founded on Classical Christian education. Most instructors were educated ministers with a background in literature, Protestant theology, and classical languages. So, students study the Bible in its original Hebrew and Greek languages and other classics in Greek.

Classical Christian education has a way of turning out students who are amazing leaders and visionaries. The reason is because this form of education was so rigorous and challenging. Unfortunately, our nation's education system has no regard for a commodity of this value. The current system operates on classless, irrational changes that makes degrees meaningless as far as showing us a person's ability to reason and think. Other educational models of the past, such as Classical Christian education, have a foundation in working hard and acquiring book knowledge. The ability to reason and analyze comes largely from reading.

This scholarly ability is of the utmost importance in Classical Christian education, and it was developed for a better understanding and application of the Scriptures. In Colonial America, education was not just Christian in the teachings of the Christian doctrine and faith, but also in classifying all reality by principles and teachings prescribed in the Bible. The colonial mind approached education, philosophy, and social theories through Christian lenses. Since the early 1900s, Classical Christian education has existed in America.

Not only was the education based on Christian values and principles, but the academic standards were high and the results were phenomenal. Can we achieve the same results today? Is it even possible to teach in the same way when our teachers have absolutely no training in the classical method? Well, to start with, we need to use the tools we have. We can teach from the Bible. We can teach from centuries of classic texts. There are great works of literature, history, science, and theology that are translated into English. Though Christian Classical education might seem obsolete, it has the power to mold a student into a thinking, reasoning individual who can read a profound book and write an analytical essay about it.

And above all, it's designed to lead the student to God.

Discover the power of a Christian Classical Education and join the Raise a Leader Revolution. You can finally afford to take control of your child's future and launch your child into greatness. Join us in saving our nation one true leader at a time.


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