Stylistic origins: Electro, Funk, Disco, Synthpop, R&B
Cultural origins: 1980s, New York, Chicago, United Kingdom
Typical instruments: Synthesizer - Drum machine - Sequencer - Keyboard - Sampler
Mainstream popularity: Large, especially late 1980s and early 1990s United Kingdom
Derivative forms: Rave - Nu jazz - Madchester
Hot Tracks

1 QUENTIN HARRIS - Let’s Be Young (NRK) Moody and subtle in interview as well as on the vibe this deep house burner gave off. The 2005 No.1 hype track by some distance.
2 BLAZE PRES UDAUL FEAT BARBARA TUCKER - Most Precious Love (Defected/King Street) One of our fave vocalists with Martin Solveig & Dennis Ferrer taking the reins on this fierce production. Spotted in January and settled in for some time.
3 JAKATTA - Scattering Stars (Z Records) Dave Lee got the piano inversions going and built on that with some chants and layers. Engaging for late-night hands-in-the-air shenanigans.
4 LIQUID PEOPLE PRES HEIDI LEVO - Inside My Soul (MN2S) Smooth Rhodes grooves and ‘Precious Love’-type strings. A splendid Morten Trust dub bolted on to the sublime original helped us fall in love.
5 RASMUS FABER FEAT MELO - Get Over Here (Azuli) Groove Armada’s Andy Cato strips down as Axwell and The Sunloverz took charge.
6 SHAPESHIFTERS - Back To Basics (Nocturnal Groove/Positiva) Follow ‘Lola’s Theme’? Antoine Clamaran, Steve Lawler and The Beginerz had a hell of a go.
7 FREEMASONS - Love On My Mind (Loaded) Full Intention, BN3, Coburn, ATFC, Sharp Boys and King Unique got the request from Pig City to bring down more lubrication. Floorfiller in the truest sense.
8 STEAL VYBE FEAT STEPHANIE RENEE - It’s Real (Z) Smooth glossy production made just that little bit sweeter with a sprinkling of Quentin Harris and Joey Negro magic. Hard for the sweet tooths to resist.
9 SIR PIERS & LOS AMIGOS INVISIBLES FEAT SHAUN ESCOFFREY - She’s Gone Away (Curious) The inclusion of a South American six-piece nodded in the direction of MAW. Hardsoul remixes tempted us into part 2.
10 AKABU FEAT DAVE CLARKE - Phuture Bound (Interface) Medusa, Swirl and Rodox mixes accompanied acapellas aplenty. Back to the future, Chicago-style.
11 JON CUTLER FEAT MICHAEL WATFORD - What You Gonna Do (MN2S) US garage tag team combination that was tougher than a brand new pair of steelcaps. Booker T’s Kings Of Soul set the pace.
12 BODYROCKERS - I Like The Way (Manifesto) From the Coloursound producers an invite to Herd & Fritz, Junior Jack, Bimbo Jones, Linus Loves, King Unique and Tom Neville. Big on all floors.
13 EMJAY - Hola Pappy (Clubsole Trax) Electro funk houser that lifted the Turntable Orchestra up to a Nu Yorican vibe. Ola to the retro selecto from Barabas.
14 JUPITER ACE - 1000 Years (Just Leave Me Now) (Manifesto/Oxyd) Straddled between Eric Prydz and Pete Heller’s ‘Big Love’. Paul Masterson, Full Intention and Richard F versions gave Belfast something else to chew on.
15 COPYRIGHT PRES ONE TRACK MIND - Essence Of Life (Copyright) Tantric mixes, frenzy-inducing synth hook with sax licks, hypnotic house... K-Klass took on Watanabe & Bobby Brown. Seconds out...
16 DEEP DISH - Say Hello (Yoshitoshi) Lennon & McCartney, Strummer & Jones, Rodgers & Hammerstein - the boys continued to follow in the footsteps of ground-breaking partnerships.
17 MARTIN SOLVEIG - Jealousy (Mixture/Defected) It was the air guitar humdinger with a touch of the James Browns about it that had us hooked in this year.
18 RON HALL & THE MUTHAFUNKERS FEAT MARK EVANS - The Way You Love Me (Hustle) Spen and The Muthafunkas didn’t hang around. Big one for Southport this year.
19 PARADISE SOUL - Moscow Rendezvous/Searchin For Paradise (Kinky Vinyl) Mike Monday & Stretch Silvester kept it strictly rhythm.
20 RULERS OF THE DEEP - Last Survivor (NRK) Polished off another good year for NRKists. Consistency and credibility intact.

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