Stylistic origins: Electro, Funk, Disco, Synthpop, R&B
Cultural origins: 1980s, New York, Chicago, United Kingdom
Typical instruments: Synthesizer - Drum machine - Sequencer - Keyboard - Sampler
Mainstream popularity: Large, especially late 1980s and early 1990s United Kingdom
Derivative forms: Rave - Nu jazz - Madchester

Think Cufflinks are only for the wealthy

Cufflinks have a real image problem. They are perceived as a high class luxury item for the wealthy and the upper crust; an extravagance, if you will for the elite members of society. While the cream of the crop certainly do tend towards connecting their French cuffs with a pair of top of the line cufflinks, this doesn't mean that you can incorporate them into your wardrobe too. Cufflinks were originally born of necessity.

Simply put, in the old days, shirt were made to be worn with cufflinks. Men would either fold one cuff over the other and push the link through (these were called barrel cuffs) or they would push the insides of the cuffs together and pop the cufflink through (these were called "kissing cuffs"). The latter style is more popular and considered more "proper." With this style, both ends of the cufflinks are visible from the outside of the shirt.

Over the years, the popularity of cufflinks has waxed and wanted but they never die out. They are quite simply a fashion statement and and extravagance that men will always make a priority. These days, there are more styles, colors and themes for cufflinks than ever before. They are also more affordable than ever before. This has led to cufflinks becoming quite the collector's items as well. Cufflinks make a statement.

A man that wears cufflinks cares about himself enough to dress right. They also can make a statement about the wearers personality. You can choose from so many different themes that there is bound to be a style for you, from NFL teams to Martini cufflinks to occupational designs for lawyers and doctors. These also make great gifts no matter the recipients interests. Personalization is another unique aspect to cufflinks. Add a pair of initials to a stylish pair of silver cufflinks and you've branded them as yours.

Looking for groomsmen gifts? What better way to thank your buddies than to present them with a pair of cufflinks that they can wear on your big day and for years to come. They will be sure to appreciate you for such a thoughtful gesture. Them important thing to remember is that you don't have to be the Duke of Earl or a Wall Street Banker to take advantage of wearing cufflinks. Men from construction workers to delivery men wear them when they don a dress shirt and so can you. Don't have a dress shirt? Well then we can't help you!.

Simon Brady is a freelance writer and is in charge of content writer for Executive Gift Shoppe. They are an online retailer of designer men’s cufflinks, money clips, business card holders and pocket watches. Their products are perfect for groomsmen and executive gifts.


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