Stylistic origins: Electro, Funk, Disco, Synthpop, R&B
Cultural origins: 1980s, New York, Chicago, United Kingdom
Typical instruments: Synthesizer - Drum machine - Sequencer - Keyboard - Sampler
Mainstream popularity: Large, especially late 1980s and early 1990s United Kingdom
Derivative forms: Rave - Nu jazz - Madchester

Bar Stools Made With a Chrome Finsh

Chrome Bar Stools are the exceedingly good at adding a hint of elegance to any room and the popularity of these bar stool is increasing at an impressive rate, they are extremely adaptable and blend in to any room. To have furniture finished in chrome says a lot of your style and design flare. Having chrome bar stools creates an air of class and sophistication to any home or business that is truly unmatched by the ordinary person.

The Bar Stool made the leap from the bar industry to the home where it continues to thrive in every room from kitchens to pool halls. They are a breathe of fresh air for homes. Chrome Bar Stools have increasingly become much more popular since the retro era.

Back in the 50s, the bar stool was a trend or fashion statement, today its more an item of comfort and convenience. Chrome bar stools occupy very little room making them very easy to manoeuvre into any place. The best bar stool designers have refocused their attentions on ergonomics when making bar stools, ergonomics is the science of comfort and is one of the chief deciding factors people look for next to the design of the stool it self. Bar stools that are made from chrome are becoming less and less of a fashion trend and are now becoming functional furniture items for your homes. One of the best things about chrome is the sheer flexibility you have with chrome, the many style and colours, these are but some of the factors that you need to ponder when buying your barstool. One of the most common mistakes made with buying bar stools is getting the height wrong, the best way to determine the maximum comfort is to leave a gap of between 6-9 inches from the top of the bar stool to the bar counter of course with adjustable bar stools this isn't as much of a problem.

Next thing to consider is what you want the atmosphere of the room to be. Are you going to go retro, modern or classic Do you want to have the Irish Pub appeal with your chrome bar stools, or do you want the simple and casual style, or are you looking for something more elegant? These are some of the things you will have to ask yourself. You may consider selecting between a number of specialty themes you may have interest in if it is a bar, restaurant, kitchen or some where else. In addition think of the other features of your bar stool such as the comfort, design of the finish and a number of other things.

Select a bar or pub table that will compliment your chrome bar stools, consider all areas from the design of the bar to the design of the floors to the colour of the windows Positioning your chrome bar stools is fairly easy, you want to make sure that is about 3 feet between the centre point of the chairs. This essential for the convenience of mounting and dismounting of the stool. It is always helpful to create enough space to make everyone feel comfortable, especially with the chrome bar stools that can be rather large.

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